What would you do, given the chance at immortality?

I’ve reached that age where I’ve begun to fear death. I think about it almost every day. It bothers me that I don’t know what looms beyond this body’s existence. The hope of a heaven, the dread of a hell: these intrigue me. I want there to be a place for my soul to go after she’s finished with her mortal shell. I abhor the idea of nothingness; my human mind cannot conceive of it.

Yet, in the throes of this desire for immortality, there lies a dilemma. What would you do with forever? How could you stand watching your family and friends age and die while you stayed frozen in time? Is the prospect of eternal existence so powerful that you could endure the mental anguish?

I’m just beginning my personal exploration of these hopes and fears; and I’m inviting you to come along on the journey. “The Gentle Man” is now available at these sites:


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