What a long, strange trip it is…

Well. I was going to do a post solely about my book release, but I got caught up in scheduling interviews. Me! Doing interviews! Scary! So, this will be a post about me, trembling in fear before the public eye. (With the obligatory gratuitous links to my novels at the end, of course.)

They’re both for very local news outlets, but I think that actually makes it more nerve wracking. There are so many people in this town who know who I am! What if I say something stupid? They’ll start to think I’m stupid! They’ll all laugh at me!

Well, people. The joke’s on you! No one likes to laugh at themselves more than I do. We’ll laugh together!

I’m not what you would call an extrovert, really. Which makes the fact that I really enjoy my bar tending job a little strange. Maybe it’s that I like listening to people. Whether I’m surreptitiously eavesdropping on them from across the bar or actively participating in the conversation, I enjoy hearing what they have to say.

Most people like to talk about themselves, so I do my best to draw them out. If they peak my interest, they just might become the model for a character. There are a few regulars who make cameo appearances in a vague sort of way. Vague enough to avoid lawsuits, of course.


I’m doing my best to avoid going through the interviews in my mind because, whenever I do that, the reality never even comes close my fevered imagination. And the reality tends to cause me to stumble and stutter. I’m hoping the interviewer will be kind. No “Gotcha” questions. A “fluff” piece, if you please!

It’s always a huge risk when you put yourself out there for scrutiny. Like Sally Fields, I just want everyone to like me. Perhaps I’m spoiled: the few Amazon reviews on my first novel are all very positive. I’m worried how I’ll react to those inevitable two-star (and, God forbid, one-star!) reviews. I’ve had to give some of those and was shocked when one author lashed back at me. Hmmm. I’ve always been told that’s a no-no. You takes your chances, and you takes your lumps. That’s life. And, thus far, that’s been the story of my own life.

So, here I go on another roller-coaster ride. I’ve always loved roller-coasters…

Gratuitous links:

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The Loyal Man on Amazon and on Smashwords (again, for those who do not possess a Kindle)

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