The Half World of Ash Krafton

“Blood Rush” is the second in a series of books by Ash Krafton. I received a free copy in return for this review.

I have to admit I was a little leery of this book when I saw it was part of a series titled “Demimonde”. The term usually refers to those ladies of leisure kept by wealthy men during the Victorian days of repressed sexual desire. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I wasn’t really up for a novel about kept women. Thankfully, this book wasn’t about that at all.

Literally, the term means “half world”, so I took it literally: a domain for those who belong to the shadowy realm of the supernatural. And, this is what I got from my first read:

Sophie lives in a half world: half in reality, half in the supernatural. She does her best to keep these worlds separate, but the supernatural is encroaching on reality with increasing frequency. You see, she’s being chased by werewolves and vampires.

Sophie works as a columnist for a magazine. She also does freelance consulting for creatures known as demivampires, or DVs. She has empathetic powers and acts as an oracle for the DVs.

She has a history with a DV called Marek; he was her lover and, she thought, soul mate. One fateful night, however, he turned full vampire and took a chomp out of her, draining her life’s blood, leaving her to die. This is all played out in the first book.

In this, the second book, she’s called upon by Marek’s brother, Rodrian, for help with his troublesome teenaged daughter. Apparently, she’s supposed to be reaching the DV equivalent of menarche and hasn’t yet. It’s a serious thing in the DV world.

So, that’s the gist of this second book and these are my impressions:

I enjoyed the read. It kept me interested to the point of feeling annoyed when I was forced to set it down for more mundane tasks, like sleeping. It’s well written, for the most part, and the characters are nicely fleshed out. However, there were a number of questions that arose as I read, some of which took me out of the story on occasion.

Why is she being chased by werewolves and vampires? Why do they want her dead? Her job as oracle to the DV seems to be pissing them off to no end. It may well take a second read for me to suss this out.

I know it’s not good form to spend too much time hashing over past events, such as those from the first book, but I feel the author left too much out. I had trouble understanding what exactly happened to Marek. It seemed to be a very important event, and I would have liked to have more of a clue. Hmm… Maybe this is the author’s devious way to get me to buy the first book. Well played, Krafton. I may just have to purchase the first book in the near future.

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