On Being a Mother

Daughter number one was born with her eyes wide open. And I had hope that she would see all there was to see. But, somehow, her vision was blurred and she perceived life as something that owed her. I’m not sure when that happened; I think it was the week she returned from her first time away at college and she made the observation that we had changed. I countered with the argument that it wasn’t we who had changed, but herself. So, there’s that.

Daughter number two was born with eyes squeezed shut and a wail emitting from her mouth. She knew life would not be easy and she proved it by making sure it wasn’t. She was our greatest challenge and, I have to say, she rose to it like a boss. Three sons later, one destroyed marriage later, and a willingness to take on two extra children later, she’s still certain that life won’t be easy. And I have to agree.

Daughter number three was born with eyes wide open and a wail emitting from her mouth. She knew she had to pay attention, but still keep fighting for her place in the world. She had no qualms about who she was or where she was going. Sure, there were stumbles along the way, but she kept her eyes on the prize and soldiered through. She’s doing okay, but needs to keep working toward that elusive goal she has in mind.

So… There’s that.

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