Themethology: Invasion

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Voices, by Lisa A. Kramer

I Was a Teenage Alien, by Lisa Janice Cohen

Singularity, by Jeremiah Lewis

Not Like Us, by Mike Reeves-McMillan

That Kind, Charles Barouch

Yellow, by Bill Ries-Knight

An Invasion of Ideas, by Jeremy Lichtman

Famine, with Fries, by Jefferson Smith

The Several Monsters of Sainte-Sara-la-Noire, by Michael Williams

Going Viral, by Rachel Desilets

Dead Planet Scrolls, by Timothy Hurley

Red Vapor, Michaela Susanne

The Worms Crawl In, by Michelle Mogil

Chrono Virus: Fall of the Horizon, by Aaron Crocco

Nano Nation, by CM Stewart


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