The Gentle Man

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Once upon a time, Anastasia Trent was a middle-aged systems analyst and part-time bartender. She’s worn down by the daily drudgery of life, worried about her impending lay-off status, and feeling abandoned by her negligent husband. One night, as she’s trying to close up the bar, she’s accosted by a strange man who claims to be running for his life and begs Ana to take him in. Against her better judgement, she does. He promptly, and very willfully, turns her mundane life upside down and sideways, leaving her torn between the conviction that he’s an aging Goth with a fetish for drinking human blood and the need for medical intervention; or the impossible possibility that he’s a real live eight-hundred vampire bent on making her his consort. Along the way, she is confronted with life-changing decisions, and she keeps managing to make the wrong ones.


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